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If you’ve ever wanted your kids to be excited to eat radishes, here is your answer. The Super Mario themed Bento above is the awesome work of Anna The Red. Complete instructions here.

Japan has had a wonderfully fun, light hearted, and healthy impact on the world of food. A couple more examples of work by Anna The Red:

Manga Meat Bento, for the cave man in your life.

Inarizushi Totoro Bento, and Totoro Cream Puffs definitely fall into the category of too cute to eat…well, almost, they are cream puffs after all.

This is the greatest turkey sandwich ever.

Food doesn’t always have to be pretty. I’m sure we’ve all have a recipe that looks horribly unappetizing but more than makes up for it, but there are times when making your cooking look great can be a big part of the reward of cooking; on the other hand, there is really no excuse for things like fondant. Just because it is ‘edible’, doesn’t mean you should sculpt things out of it and eat it. Thank you Japan for making cute food edible again.

I leave you with a somewhat related clip, via geeksaresexy:

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  1. Link’s missing on the Radish!! I am dying to do that.

    CUTE video oh my gosh!!!! When he was feeling around behind him for his roe I nearly died.

  2. admin

    whoops, fixed.

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