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This is one of my favorite spices, and a cornerstone of my Five Pillars of Greatness blend. These berries from Java look like black peppercorns, but with a little tail. Their flavor is somewhere between black pepper and Juniper. Picture what a peppercorn would taste like if it grew on a pine tree, or were soaked in gin. I’ve found they are a nice addition to the pepper grinder because they seem to enhance the pepper flavor and add a little extra interest. They are less hard than black pepper, although I rarely add them whole, and chewing on one produces a cooling sensation, followed by a sudden bitterness in the center; a flavor which does not come through when they are used in a dish. I buy them in bulk on amazon and I go through them quickly. A highly recommended spice. If you find yourself needing to substitute for Cubeb in one of my recipes, Use black pepper and a splash of Gin or a pinch of bay.

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