Salsa With No Onions!

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An ancient search, finally concluded. I was in Costco the other day and found this salsa by Del Real Foods. Its short ingredients list (Roasted Tomatoes, Roasted Chilies, Salt) is a real strength, not just for what is is obviously lacking, but because it is good just how it is, and it won’t add that cheap processed flavor to your food if you mix it in with your cooking. It is also good with chips. a little shredded cilantro, and a squeeze of lime.

Looking around on their site, I notice that most of the products from Del Real Foods have few to no onions. Del Real, I salute you, for attacking the enemy in their stronghold, and emerging victorious!

Update: Thanks to some awesome commenters, we now know of other commercially available salsas without onions.

La Victoria Salsa Suprema Medium. You can see the onionless ingredients list in the amazon pictures.

Arriba! Roasted Southwestern Garlic and Cilantro. It has the dreaded “spices” and may be too much garlic for people with allium difficulties, but worth a look. sells quite a few salsa and chile products, several of which are onion free, these include:

  • Their medium salsa (yellow label but not green)
  • The red chile sauce/enchilada sauce.
  • The southwestern marinade.
  • Their roasted and diced medium green chile.
  • The chipotle and honey roasted green chile.

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  1. Jose

    I salute your efforts. Onions are evil and should be eradicated at all costs!

  2. OMG! You are heaven sent! Where have you been all my life? Been looking for a site that NO ONIONS was a requirement and here you are! Thank you, thank you!

  3. admin

    You’re welcome! I’m glad to be of service. I’ve been meaning to post my own recipe for salsa with no onions for a while; you’ve given me renewed motivation to do so.

  4. onionhatersanonymous

    I Dont have a Costco, but I do have Sams club. I believe they are pretty much the same. Ill have to look there

  5. admin

    If you do find this elsewhere, let me know. The more places we can refer people, the more likely it is to sell and continue to be made.

  6. James

    Salsa without onions? That’s sacrilege! The whole reason why the long name of the tomato-based fresh pico de gallo is “salsa Mexicana” is not just because it’s Mexican but because it has the colors of the Mexican flag: green (hot peppers), white (ONIONS!), and red (tomatoes). Of course, some people may hate onions for whatever reason, and some , possibly, CAN’T eat them, so I’m just joshing, but this is a real fact. I do prefer to be a purist and HATE most “Tex-Mex” versions of foods that come from south of the border…

  7. admin

    Ah, yes, but while the Red originally signified unity, and the green independence, the white symbolized Catholicism. Being a heathen as well as an onion hater, I have no fear of such a sacrilege.

  8. admin

    Welcome to the cause! I look forward to seeing your future content as well.

    As onion haters we face two main hurdles:

    1: The onion remains a cheap and anonymous filler. Commercial products and restaurants commonly make food in which the primary ingredient is onions, yet they are not mentioned in the labeling. We are a large group, larger than vegetarians by my reckoning. We deserve a little consideration.

    2: People the world over don’t know how to cook without them. Nearly every recipe I find for a dinner dish starts with dicing half an onion and putting it into a hot pan. Is this the only way we know how to cook? Come up with a simple replacement for this ritual and you will have done us a great service.

  9. Anonymous

    Onions are sooooo disgusting! thanks for your valuable help.

  10. Ellen

    Safeway (Randall’s in TX) sells it! Thank you so much! I am allergic and was having trouble finding anything to eat that did not include onions!

  11. Jo Jo

    Ron and Jo Jo’s Salsa Recipe
    (This recipe has NO onions or Jalapenos, my brother( Ron) is very allergic to onions, so this was created with him in mind. Try as is, and see if you like it, you can always tweek it to your taste the next time . We both get rave reviews for it as is. We’ve since found out a lot of true Mexican Salsa’s don’t have onions, as it can give a bitter taste)

    28 oz. can of Crushed tomatoes.
    (Progresso, Kroeger’s and Target’s brands are very good. Contadina are too soupy and watery, Hunt’s are too mushy)
    2 TBS. of dried crushed red peppers or to suit taste
    1tsp. salt
    2 tsp. granulated garlic (or fresh minced)
    4 tsp. salad oil
    4 tsp.White or Red wine vinegar
    **Fresh chopped cilantro and fresh lime juice are optional, but I add them to my recipe.

    Mix by hand, stirring gently. Let Salsa flavors blend for a short period before serving.(red peppers can be misleading until blended for awhile)
    Refrigerate any leftovers, if there are some !

  12. justbubba77

    My wife actually has a food allergy to onions and as for me well i just don’t understand what the big KRAZE is about onions , you can’t taste anything but onions on anything you eat them with , besides who wants to be the one on the other end of an onion fueled heavy breather wanting to tell you how their day has gone. No Thankyou , go brush and gargle and on the way pick up some breath mints and gum and i’ll see ya tomorrow at which time i pray i won’t be privy to the previous experience of assult on my senses thankyou very much . And i agree with admin and have no fear of such sacrilage.

  13. Loves Onions

    I personally love onions and so does my best friend, but due to a medical problem she cannot eat them. Onions make her violently ill. Anyways, she misses salsa because she hasn’t found a good recipe for salsa that doesn’t have onions. I will try your recipe to see how I like it and if it’s at least passable I’ll send her the recipe. I make an awesome lasagna recipe that includes onions and you can taste all the fantastic flavors (not just the onion). :-)

  14. Beth

    An onion almost took my life as a child …. they are not welcome in my food. Thanks for posting the “no onion” salsa recipe; I will try it. :)

  15. admin

    You poor thing! I’m so glad you survived such a traumatic experience.

  16. Anonymous

    My mohter-in-law makes that same kind of salsa, and she’s from mexico. it’s pretty authentic based on the ingredients you have posted. The one thing I love about this type of salsa… NO ONIONS!

  17. I’m allergic to onions, bell peppers (any blunt pepper as well as any pointed pepper that is not a red chili pepper) and paprika. Hard boiled egg yolk also bothers my stomach a lot. But onions are the worst. Onions are like statistics, and statistics say that anyone who has lived on a planet where there are onions doesn’t live much longer than sixty or a hundred and twenty years. Even places on the planet, like Antarctica, where there aren’t any onions, no one lives very long! I think it’s second hand onion smell that’s killing us all! Can we find a planet without onions, please?

  18. admin

    Planets without onions are easy to find, the problem is keeping them that way. Right there on page four of Terraforming for Dummies is says, “Dice up 40 billion onions and sprinkle evenly over the planet’s surface, stirring constantly…”

  19. Emily

    “Stupid Onions” is exactly what I muttered when trying to find salsa for my last salsa craving. There were some other things I muttered but they really aren’t fit for publication.
    Anyway, I love your site. As a person with an onion allergy that affects my breathing, I plan to continue following your site.
    Thank you from the bottom of my lungs.

  20. Julia

    Thank you SO MUCH! I cannot tell you how annoying it is to look at stores and find that every brand of salsa and chip dip has some sort of onion type in it. My husband is deathly allergic, and so I keep very little to no onion in the house. There are also things that I would like for him to try…like salsa…but can’t because of the onions. I will have to look into Del Real Foods. Again, thanks so much for letting everyone in on this little secret. :)

  21. JB

    Salsa without oinions?? What the hell is wrong with you crazy people!? I understand the allergy restrictions…but the rest of you are crazy!

  22. Laura

    This is amazing! I’ve been saying all my life I was going to write a cookbook that contained absolutely no onions and I wish I had stumbled upon this site sooner! Anyone who knows me knows of my disdain of anything onion-y. Thanks so much!

  23. Scott

    I loathe onions with a passion Thank you for this site onions are the devil

  24. Kahlil Moses

    thank you so much for giving me a site so I can finally enjoy the upcoming football season enjoying chips and salsa without horrible nasty onions I cannot tell you how tough it is finding stuff without onions thank you if you have any other sites for prepared foods that dont have onions thank you

  25. Anonymous

    My daughter is quite allergic to onions and we have been reading labels for years as well as finding ways to cook without onions. Last year she was happy with my version of salsa which was basically a normal recipe in which I replaced the onions with white hungarian peppers. She is okay with chives and I was thinking of trying a batch with some chive for flavour.

  26. Lisa

    Thank you so much! I am allergic to onions and have to read EVERY stinkin label…I always have to make my own salsa (which is really really good) but time consuming and now I don’t have to :) You just totally made my day :)

  27. Tammie

    I am so thrilled to come across your website! I have a “sensitivity” to onions that causes intense I’d-rather-go-through-childbirth-again pain, and have a hard time finding anything prepackaged that is safe for me. My sincere and heartfelt thanks for putting this site together! Though I hate to see that others suffer too, it’s sure nice to know I’m not alone!

  28. Jackie

    Thank You from the bottom of my OnionAllergy heart. To reiterate. I have been an onion lover in the past ( for taste/flavor) But. tragically was skin tested positive for allergy to them. ( and black pepper- go figure ! And many other foods) So,years later, I went to Hawaii, and brought back a case of Sweetvadalia onions and proceeded to unwittingly poison myself with onion rings ( I know…..bad bad word )
    So anyway. I have since Repented of this evil…;) And also noted what a horrible effect this had on me. Just FYI: If I encounter onions in any foods- I get ” cranky ” , mentally confused , and also get Narcolepsy and have fallen asleep in many situations- even driving !!! After eating onions. So BE Aware all ye Onion lovers. You too may have this ailment unknowingly. Just watch what happens when you eat-em. It can be dangerous to you or others. Thank God I’m still alive.! Thank you for these two choices. DelReal ( where can i get this in Minnesota? ) and 505brand ( which is not for sale in Mn- dang it !! )( I used to buy this in Colorado. Does anyone know of an onion free Spaghetti Sauce? We all need help ! !

  29. J-nett

    Wow! What an awesome site!! Thank you!! I can’t wait to try these recipes. Your site has made my day!!!
    I’ve been onion, scallion, leek, garlic, gron and chive -free for 2 decades! Wanted to share a couple of things I’ve learned:
    1) Allergic symptoms can range from cranky, confused, burning tongue/mouth (not like the good burn from peppers), fever blisters, bloating, gas, serious indigestion then of course there is nothing like a trip to the ER with anaphylactic shock!
    2) If you happen to eat the dreaded, ubiquitous ingredient, try eating parsley or other calcium-rich food to slow the effects of this poison. (Not a substitute for Benedryl, Gas-X or an Epipen).
    3) Mimic some onion functions with: Peppers (great list on other page) – for flavor blending and cohesion; Celery – similar crunch, adds fiber; Carrots – adds nerve-calming root element. Potatoes too, depending on recipe.
    4) Even squirrels don’t eat onions! Anything in the Allium family belongs in the garden as beautiful flower or pest deterent!
    –happily onion-free and ironically living in the “Wild Onion” (Chicago)

  30. someguy

    this is the same kind of salsa my mother-in-law from Guerrero Mexico makes every couple of days, and according to her and my wife, is actually a more traditional recipe as opposed to the onion salsa we “gringos” are used to. And I dare say that it is a much much better tasting salsa than any of that oniony garbage you get at the store.

  31. Barbara

    Thank you for posting this – I love salsa but can’t do onions… they give me a migraine! Sometimes even the smell of onions gives me a headache. So in summer I make my own Salsa with tomatoes from the garden. But now I’ve used up all that I’ve frozen and after spending an hour to pick out the onions from regular jar of salsa for my Super Bowl taco dip… I said “there has to be a better way”. Just ordered 3 jars from 505 – very easy online ordering, can’t wait to they it!

  32. Lana

    Just wondering if you know of any equivalent in Australia??? I’m desperate! Stupid onions seriously >:( could not agree more. They’re in EVERYTHING!

  33. Preetika

    Hi we don’t eat onion & garlic & just saw this salsa, really want to know about it,can you plz give me the list of ingredients for this salsa as I can’t wait to buy this if this will match our needs..thank u..

  34. admin

    The ingredients are at the beginning of the post, though there are so few I can see how you would miss it: Roasted Tomatoes, Roasted Chilies, Salt

  35. Nick Adams

    I’ve been using a company called Pepper Dog. Their salsa does not have onions.

  36. Rebecca

    Thank you for this great site!! I have been allergic to onions for most of my life and it is a challenge to find onion free recipes!! Does anyone know if you are able to use these for canning? Thanks!!

  37. Matt

    I have an “intolerance” to some chemical in onions. I have to tell waitresses that I am allergic, although this is not technically correct. I also hate them, I would rather have sliced dog turds in my food than onions! I grew up in an ethnic German home… my mom put onions in the pancakes! (puffers) I nearly starved to death, and now I mostly cook for myself. Thanks for the site!

  38. Beth

    I’m so excited to see this website. Me and my mom are allergic to onions so it is very difficult to eat because onions are in almost everything. We have to cook most things homemade to make sure there are no onions so it’s great that there’s a website to go to where people don’t like onions

  39. Kevin

    Finally… some like minded friends.

    I have had a dislike of onions from childhood and have managed to find and create food without them.

    They are not necessary!!!

  40. Ort

    Just looked at the Pepper Dog website and their salsa has onions.

  41. Ort

    Del Amore and Gianotti both make marinara sauce without onions.
    Del Amore is especially tasty if you are making linguine and red clam pasta.

  42. Marcie

    Love, love, love this website! For me, onions equal migraines. I am so tired of reading every label on food items. I am so tired of asking waiters if onions are in the food. I wish there was a grocery aisle that was labeled no onions.

  43. Dori

    So happy to find this website, was beginning to think I was the only onion hater in the world. I’m not allergic, just don’t like them.

  44. Hills

    I am so happy to find this site!!
    I just found my local grocer has a brand called Mateo’s that is onion-free!

    Hated onions as a child. Eventually tried to be “an adult” and cook with them. Still not in love. Now I am finding I have an allergic response. Perhaps I knew better as a kid.

  45. Admin

    Thanks for the tip. I can’t verify, since they don’t list their ingredients anywhere I’ve found online, but here’s an amazon link for anyone who wants to give it a shot:

  46. Paul

    Oh Lord, Thanks for this website, I thought I was a freak, I am allergic to whole onions AND garlic. Happened after a major illness, weird.

    Thanks for providing this website, awesome!

  47. Hal

    La Victoria’s Salsa Suprema medium does not have onions but their mild and most of their other sauces (Thick’n Chunky, Mango Habanero, Green Jalapena, Taco sauces…) do. Fwiw their Red Chile enchilada sauces that come in cans do not. I’ve never tried them.

  48. cgorange

    2 Additional Salsa’s that I’m 100% certain contain no Onions —

    Brooklyn Salsa Company “The Green” (Mild)
    Ingredients – Tomatillos, Heirloom Tomatoes, Mango, Lime Juice, Garlic, Sesame Seeds, Sea Salt, Cumin Seeds, Ginger

    Arriba! Fire Roasted Southwestern Garlic and Cilantro Salsa (Medium)
    Ingredients – Roasted Tomato, Roasted Garlic, Water, Roasted Serrano Pepper, Cilantro, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Salt, Lemon Juice, Paprika Extract, Citric Acid, Spices

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