Salsa With No Onions!

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An ancient search, finally concluded. I was in Costco the other day and found this salsa by Del Real Foods. Its short ingredients list (Roasted Tomatoes, Roasted Chilies, Salt) is a real strength, not just for what is is obviously lacking, but because it is good just how it is, and it won’t add that cheap processed flavor to your food if you mix it in with your cooking. It is also good with chips. a little shredded cilantro, and a squeeze of lime.

Looking around on their site, I notice that most of the products from Del Real Foods have few to no onions. Del Real, I salute you, for attacking the enemy in their stronghold, and emerging victorious!

Update: Thanks to some awesome commenters, we now know of other commercially available salsas without onions.

La Victoria Salsa Suprema Medium. You can see the onionless ingredients list in the amazon pictures.

Arriba! Roasted Southwestern Garlic and Cilantro. It has the dreaded “spices” and may be too much garlic for people with allium difficulties, but worth a look. sells quite a few salsa and chile products, several of which are onion free, these include:

  • Their medium salsa (yellow label but not green)
  • The red chile sauce/enchilada sauce.
  • The southwestern marinade.
  • Their roasted and diced medium green chile.
  • The chipotle and honey roasted green chile.

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  1. Marilyn

    So happy to finally not feel alone

  2. Angela

    Sadie’s Salsa is sold at most stores and does not have onions. This one is my favorite. Also, El Pinto brand doesn’t have onions in most of their salsas and have a lot of flavors!

  3. Heather

    I definitely have a problem with onions, but it seems every time I mention the problem to my brother the more he effing adds them into everything or the more often he makes something that “requires” them… I’ve always hated onions, my palate doesn’t find them savory, and they almost always dry out my mouth, same as with Garlic, which also gives me digestive issues for the better part of 1 week, same as with Onions, I hate them both with a passion.

    Yet, when I don’t mention onions, he forgos putting them in the salad, which is odd and I’m really beginning to think he’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Not to mention two-faced, and some other things, another of which he doesn’t understand the meaning of certain words which are clearly used in everyday speech.

  4. Steel

    I feel your pain Heather.

    You could always start cooking things he doesn’t like. If you don’t cook, that’s fine too. Revenge is a dish best served cold anyway.

  5. Danielle

    Found Red Gold Huy Fong Sriracha brand salsa had no onions in the hot or medium. Flavor was great.

  6. Dave

    Mateo’s brand salsa is delisicious and onion free. The hard part is finding it. You can get it through Amazon but if you’re trying to shop local, good luck!

  7. Karen

    Thank you!! Been looking for this because I too am allergic to onions.

  8. speedeep

    Arriba! also has a couple varieties with no onions/garlic on this ingredients list:

    Corn and Lime
    Mango Agave
    Peach Fresco

    Available at (at least some) Publix and Amazon.

  9. Heather

    In response to Heather from February 17, my name is Heather as well, and I also have a brother who loves to cook. He doesn’t like cooking for me because I ask him to leave the onions out of whatever he’s making. I’m not a picky eater, but I despise onions and always have! Thank you Del Real!

  10. Leah

    I think this site may be rarely updated, but I see a lot of potential here! Many people I know don’t like onions and three of them (including me) have unpleasant (mouth sores, tummy troubles) or allergic reactions to onions. I am going to try the salsa mentioned above. I found a vegetable broth without onion and I am looking for a bottled pasta sauce and canned soups. I suspect “spices” mean onions are in there.

  11. Steel

    It’s true, I rarely update, but I’m here.

    If anyone would like to suggest content, I’ll certainly consider putting up a post if I find a free moment. I like that the comments have been providing a forum for like minded people to exchange their findings.

  12. I am not alone in my hatred of the vile onion! Why is it, if someone says they hate any other food, people will go out of their way to avoid using it in their food. Tell someone you hate onions, they will try to sneak it into every single food you eat and then lie to you it has no onions. I know what an onion taste like…that is why i don’t like them! The foul onion must be stopped! Lol

  13. Steel

    That’s true Eric, and it’s not just people. I was in Costco the other day, and saw some vegetable soup. It had vegetables stacked around a chunky soup. Not an onion visible in the picture, so I checked the ingredients. First ingredient!

  14. This salsa looks great!! Ban garlic and onions!

  15. Liz

    My girlfriend has an onion allergy and this information is more than helpful since I love cooking with salsa as an addition to many recipes. I can’t wait to let her know there is a salsa with no stupid onions!!

  16. tony petrey

    Thanks for these onion free salsa’s , onions give me migraines

  17. My Wife Hates Onions

    My Wife HATES onions, reading all of these posts made me laugh out loud. It’s great to find out she is not alone, nor am I. It kills me to cook without them, but I do it, because like Eric O, “she knows what an onion tastes like!”

  18. Kleve

    I have been severely allergic to onions. Figured it out in my late teens. After many hospital visits. Within an hour of ingestion of onions. My body severely rejects them. And within the next week I am still recovering usually requires a hospital visit. For I long time family would try to trick me that I just eat them and didn’t realize it.
    So no I can’t tell it onions are in something only makes my body react very negatively.

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