Spray Can Pancake: Batter Blaster

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When I first saw this Batter Blaster can of spray on pancakes, I was a bit horrified. There is just something about food in a spray can that screams artificial, but check out these ingredients:

  1. Filtered water
  2. Organic unbleached wheat flour
  3. Organic cane sugar
  4. Organic whole egg solids
  5. Organic soybean powder
  6. Sodium Lactate (from beet sugar)
  7. Dicalcium phosphate and Baking Soda (for leavening)
  8. Organic rice bran extract
  9. propellant

Nothing scary in there. The beauty of this product is that it makes pancakes into such a quick and clean operation, that you really can just make one or two without being late for work or making cleanup for yourself. It has been getting good reviews, including the below video review from CrunchGear.

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  1. i cant make my pancakes a perfect circle

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